Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Big Bugs Band

It's lovely when a couple that I have made a Wedding cake for come back to me for their first childs Birthday. And this was a lovely theme, a programme on Baby TV called Big Bugs Band.
I'd never heard of this before so had to watch a bit on You Tube to give me some ideas. It's a really lovely little programme and a great excuse to watch kids TV.
I had a baby this year too so I will have to get clued up on these things!!

First I thought I'd make some little bugs to decorate the cupcakes. The client had requested 24 cakes to match the main cake these were the wings that I cut out using a blossom petal cutter.

I didn't really have a design in mind so thought I'd make them up as I went along. So there were going to be 12 with fat little bugs and 12 with flowers like in the cartoon illustration. I made some little blue bodies for the bugs and then stuck them together with some goggly eyes.

They looked rather sweet all lined up on my tray looking at me :)

So whilst all those bits and bobs dried I thought I'd take a look at some of the colours for the main cake...there were lots! I wanted to mix up some blues and greens for the background. I always think it's a good idea to make up some small balls first so you can see your colours and avoid wasting any fondant. In the end I used some of these but not all, it just helped me see what looked nice together.

I then got on with making the individual bug characters, so made sure I pre mixed all the colours for that too. Here are some of their little arms, legs and wings made using floral paste as I needed them to be strong.

Here are some of the heads, so many things looking at me that day. The body parts were all stuck together with edible glue using cocktail sticks for support.

The main cake was then covered using 'Gooseberry' and I mixed up a few of the other blues to make some lumps/hills for the sides of the cake. This was done with fondant and stuck to the sides with water.

The Cupcakes were covered in shallow domes in jade green and lavender. 
And then decorated with the flowers and bugs. 
I used a very fine no. 1 nozzle to pipe on their tiny little legs.

Then finally the main cake was decorated with all the fun bugs and their instruments! I hope you like it. Rachelx

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