Monday, 31 December 2012

A Gingerbread Christmas Card

Back in October I was contacted by the lovely Ricardo, a photographer and creative.
His email was a little unusual.....he wanted to have a private class with me where we would create a special gingerbread house together.
I was to bake the facade of a house to his exact specification, then together we would decorate it.
The measurements had to be very precise!!

I love making gingerbread, the mixture is different from normal vanilla cookie dough, it also tastes delicious when warm and uncooked!

I also baked a few little accessories for the house which Ricardo could decorate.
The whole idea of this house was that it would represent the facade of his clients house. Ricardo was then going to photograph the family and the dog,.....and have them all looking out of the windows :)
This was to be the family Christmas card, what a novel idea!

With a little help from me Ricardo soon got used to using all the sugar craft equipment. And he was very precise too.

Everything had to be very exact, right down to the amount of sprinkles in the snow.

We had lots of lovely sweeties to choose from to embellish the house with. The drawing under the smarties was done by Ricardo, it provided the template to work to....and he was doing a grand job.

And all the little decorations were decorated very simply in a stylised manner.

Finally the house was finished, just the way Ricardo wanted it. All the little bits and bobs were packed up carefully to be taken home. Then all the pictures of the family were to be set into the windows to create the finished family Christmas card. 

And this was the final result! What an interesting project :)